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* Use C++11-compatible assertions in constexpr functionsHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat2019-06-17
* Fixed repeated variable name in README.md’s sampleAlexander Böhn2019-01-26
* Small fixes to build files and readmeJeff McGlynn2019-01-24
* Sync/format build filesJeff McGlynn2019-01-24
* Add CI config files for continuous/presubmit buildsJeff McGlynn2019-01-23
* Update honggfuzz, fix compilation errors with gccJeff McGlynn2019-01-23
* Add a CI script for LinuxJeff McGlynn2019-01-23
* Update to build with the latest version of bazelJeff McGlynn2019-01-23
* Merge pull request #2 from pokowaka/masterJeff McGlynn2018-11-28
| * Explicitly set ctest command.Erwin Jansen2018-11-27
* Merge pull request #1 from pokowaka/masterJeff McGlynn2018-11-27
| * CMake support to enable compilation under Visual StudioErwin Jansen2018-11-27
* Fix ASAN failures in integer_sequence_codec and partitionJeff McGlynn2018-08-16
* Fix compilation errors with mingwJeff McGlynn2018-08-15
* Fix build errors when used by the Android EmulatorJeff McGlynn2018-08-07
* Remove third_party/googletest and reference git repo insteadJeff McGlynn2018-07-26
* Fix compilation with mingwJeff McGlynn2018-07-06
* Initial version of astc-codec for open source releaseJeff McGlynn2018-06-20
* Set up build system and add dependencies to WORKSPACEJeff McGlynn2018-06-18
* Merge commit 'fa9c8eaf4fe936f35dd95a1eecfbbb228494522d' as 'third_party/googl...Jeff McGlynn2018-06-18
| * Squashed 'third_party/googletest/' content from commit ba96d0b1Jeff McGlynn2018-06-18
* Add license and README based on Google open source templateJeff McGlynn2018-06-18