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masters/FireFox/Firefox/gBenjamin Barenblat8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-24s/FireFox/Firefox/gHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat
2014-01-23Groups problems by URL in browser extension UI - fixes #24Jesse Hallett
2014-01-07Modifies 'reflist' exception to inlineStyle ruleJesse Hallett
2014-01-07Displays table of errors and warnings by ruleJesse Hallett
2014-01-06Adjusts spaceBetweenParagraphs ruleJesse Hallett
2014-01-06Changes pseudo-heading rule to permit paragraphs with bold and non-bold textJesse Hallett
2014-01-06Creates test suite for Wikipedia guidelinesJesse Hallett
2014-01-06Moves rule files to src/Jesse Hallett
2014-01-06Adds headless run configuration for Wikipedia rulesJesse Hallett
2014-01-03Backslashes in replaceAll() replacements need extra escaping.Jesse Hallett
2014-01-03Outputs message, xpath, and proper severity in batch run reportsJesse Hallett
2013-12-23Wikipedia guideline: do not use inline stylesJesse Hallett
2013-12-23Looks for adjacent singleton lists instead of just for singleton listsJesse Hallett
2013-12-23Wikipedia guideline: images should contain a captionJesse Hallett
2013-12-23Wikipedia guideline: images should include an alt attributeJesse Hallett
2013-12-19Wikipedia guideline: do not use colon markup to indent textJesse Hallett