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* s/FireFox/Firefox/gHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat2014-01-24
* Groups problems by URL in browser extension UI - fixes #24Jesse Hallett2014-01-23
* Modifies 'reflist' exception to inlineStyle ruleJesse Hallett2014-01-07
* Displays table of errors and warnings by ruleJesse Hallett2014-01-07
* Adjusts spaceBetweenParagraphs ruleJesse Hallett2014-01-06
* Changes pseudo-heading rule to permit paragraphs with bold and non-bold textJesse Hallett2014-01-06
* Creates test suite for Wikipedia guidelinesJesse Hallett2014-01-06
* Moves rule files to src/Jesse Hallett2014-01-06
* Adds headless run configuration for Wikipedia rulesJesse Hallett2014-01-06
* Backslashes in replaceAll() replacements need extra escaping.Jesse Hallett2014-01-03
* Outputs message, xpath, and proper severity in batch run reportsJesse Hallett2014-01-03
* Wikipedia guideline: do not use inline stylesJesse Hallett2013-12-23
* Looks for adjacent singleton lists instead of just for singleton listsJesse Hallett2013-12-23
* Wikipedia guideline: images should contain a captionJesse Hallett2013-12-23
* Wikipedia guideline: images should include an alt attributeJesse Hallett2013-12-23
* Wikipedia guideline: do not use colon markup to indent textJesse Hallett2013-12-19
* Wikipedia guideline: checks for blank lines between list itemsJesse Hallett2013-12-19
* Image height restriction also applies to centered imagesJesse Hallett2013-12-19
* Expands strikeout rule to check for CSS style, `text-decoration: line-through`Jesse Hallett2013-12-19
* Wikipedia guideline: checks for floating content on both sides of screenJesse Hallett2013-12-19
* Fixes missing variable definitionJesse Hallett2013-12-19
* Installs .jshintrcJesse Hallett2013-12-19
* Restores behavior of running rules in scope of assembleRules functionJesse Hallett2013-12-19
* Fixes possible null value reference when evaluating ruleset dependenciesJesse Hallett2013-12-19
* mergeRogan Creswick2013-12-19
| * Wikipedia guideline: checks for pseudo-headingsJesse Hallett2013-12-18
| * Wikipedia guideline: horizontal rules are deprecatedJesse Hallett2013-12-18
| * Wikipedia guideline: checks for images wider than 400px or taller than 500pxJesse Hallett2013-12-18
| * Wikipedia guideline: there should only be one blank line between paragraphsJesse Hallett2013-12-18
| * Wikipedia guideline: minimize number of single-sentence paragraphsJesse Hallett2013-12-18
| * Rewrites fiveui.color.colorCheck to eliminate use of `eval`Jesse Hallett2013-12-18
| * Avoids traversing frames from different originsJesse Hallett2013-12-18
| * Modifies dependency loadingJesse Hallett2013-12-17
| * Merge pull request #22 from GaloisInc/promisesRogan Creswick2013-12-17
| |\
| | * Modifies fiveui.RuleSet.load to return promisesJesse Hallett2013-12-13
| |/
| * Wikipedia guideline: minimize uses of bullet pointsJesse Hallett2013-12-11
| * Adds exceptions to color rule for standard link stylesJesse Hallett2013-12-10
| * Scrolls problem element into viewJesse Hallett2013-12-10
* | removed an erronious check for header tags in the heading order guidelineRogan Creswick2013-11-25
* | incorporated large text into contrast guidelinesRogan Creswick2013-11-25
* added color guidelines for wikipedia, and factored some color checks into the...Rogan Creswick2013-11-22
* added some initial wikipedia guidelinesRogan Creswick2013-11-21
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:GaloisInc/FiveUIBenjamin Jones2013-11-04
| * added a $5 where a $ was usedRogan Creswick2013-11-04
* | Merge branch 'master' of github.com:GaloisInc/FiveUIBenjamin Jones2013-11-04
* | Merge branch 'new-ui'Benjamin Jones2013-11-04
|\ \
| | * Update conformance-A.jsonRogan Creswick2013-11-04
| | * trying out an overlaid div for highlightingRogan Creswick2013-11-01
| |/ |/|
* | moved ASM guidelines to suim repoBenjamin Jones2013-10-28
* | update ignoreBenjamin Jones2013-10-25