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masterUse our own memmem only when libc doesn’t have oneBenjamin Barenblat3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-11-07Use our own memmem only when libc doesn’t have oneHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat
2018-11-04List.mapMiAdam Chlipala
2018-10-23Fix a manual typoAdam Chlipala
2018-10-19Accept a few other command-line arguments to trigger help text (closes #63)Adam Chlipala
2018-10-19More telegraphic error text for clashing URL prefixes (closes #111)Adam Chlipala
2018-10-19Block scary types for [de]serialization (closes #98)Adam Chlipala
2018-10-19Automatic merging of style/dynStyle and class/dynClass (closes #64)Adam Chlipala
2018-10-19Client-side escaping of HTML should be prepared for structured HTML trees, no...Adam Chlipala
2018-10-19Just return None rather than crashing, when trying to read cookies within tas...Adam Chlipala
2018-10-19unsafeSerialized[To|From]StringAdam Chlipala
2018-10-12Catch when a cselect has an unavailable value setAdam Chlipala
2018-09-02Merge pull request #140 from ashalkhakov/flycheckAdam Chlipala
2018-09-02Merge pull request #138 from bbarenblat/masterAdam Chlipala
2018-09-01Multi-file projects should work.Artyom Shalkhakov
2018-08-31Flycheck: improving multi-file supportArtyom Shalkhakov
2018-08-31FlyCheck integration.Artyom Shalkhakov