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* Correct argument order to 'replace'HEADmasterGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-08-26
* Add functions which operate on strings instead of counted slicesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-08-26
* Remove unnecessary $/option dependencyGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-08-26
* Rework replacement API to rely on transformationGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-08-26
* JS: Use global regexesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-30
* Correct order of arguments to Regex.replaceGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-30
* Implement regex substitutionGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-30
* Update documentation to note ECMAScript regxesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-30
* Update C++ to use ECMAScript regular expressionsGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-30
* Make library work on both client and server sidesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-30
* Run clang-formatGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-28
* Run cpplintGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-28
* Replace my bounds-checked numeric conversion with Boost’sGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-28
* Rework to use the C++11 regex libraryGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-27
* Don’t use C99 comments in headersGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-27
* Add Vim swap files to .gitignoreGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-27
* Initial commit of the regex matcherGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-07-03