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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* cli: clean up exit status code returned by the cli commandsJani Nikula2014-01-18
* cli: add --output=files option to notmuch countJani Nikula2013-08-24
* cli: add --batch option to notmuch countJani Nikula2013-04-01
* cli: extract count printing to a separate function in notmuch countJani Nikula2013-04-01
* cli: remove useless talloc_strdupJani Nikula2013-04-01
* cli: move config open/close to main() from subcommandsJani Nikula2013-03-08
* cli: config: make notmuch_config_open() "is new" parameter input onlyJani Nikula2013-03-07
* lib/cli: Make notmuch_database_open return a status codeAustin Clements2012-05-05
* Use notmuch_database_destroy instead of notmuch_database_closeJustus Winter2012-04-28
* cli: move count to the new --exclude=(true|false|flag) naming scheme.Mark Walters2012-04-07
* cli: omit excluded messages in results where appropriate.Mark Walters2012-03-02
* cli: add --no-exclude option to count and search.Mark Walters2012-03-02
* search: rename auto_exclude_tags to {search, }exclude_tagsPieter Praet2012-01-23
* search: Support automatic tag exclusionsAustin Clements2012-01-16
* count: Convert to new-style argument parsingAustin Clements2012-01-13
* cli: add support for --output parameter in notmuch countJani Nikula2011-11-15
* cli: drop unused code from notmuch countJani Nikula2011-11-15
* cli: change argument parsing convention for subcommandsDavid Bremner2011-10-22
* notmuch count: Remove special handling of "*".Carl Worth2010-04-09
* Have notmuch count default to showing the total.Mike Kelly2010-04-09
* Add 'notmuch count' command to show the count of matching messagesKeith Packard2009-11-23