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NEWS: Document "nmbug: Translate to Python"
For more details, see the commit message for 7f2cb3be (nmbug: Translate to Python, 2014-10-03). I realized while writing this that the 7f2cb3be commit message has: * 'nmbug log' now execs 'git log', as there's no need to keep the Python process around once we've launched Git there. But we dropped that exec in favor of the subprocess approach between v3 and v4, I just forgot to update the commit message [1]. [1]: id:e630b6763e9d0771718afee41ea15b29bb4a1de8.1409935538.git.wking@tremily.us http://article.gmane.org/gmane.mail.notmuch.general/19007
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Add return status to notmuch_database_close and
+The Perl script has been translated to Python; you'll need Python 2.7
+or anything from the 3.x line. Most of the user-facing interface is
+the same, but `nmbug help` is not `nmbug --help`, and the following nmbug
+commands have slightly different interfaces: `archive`, `commit`,
+`fetch`, `log`, `pull`, `push`, and `status`. For details on the
+new interface for a given command, run `nmbug COMMAND --help`.