BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd FAT to mountpoint file system whitelistBenjamin Barenblat3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-03Add FAT to mountpoint file system whitelistHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat
2018-08-03Realphabetize and re-document mountpoint file system whitelistBenjamin Barenblat
2018-07-31Add autofs to mountpoint file system whitelistRobo Shimmer
2018-07-25Remove unused member of 'struct fuse_dh'Rostislav Skudnov
2018-07-24Released 3.2.5Nikolaus Rath
2018-07-24Added ChangeLog entry for hardening patches.Nikolaus Rath
2018-07-23test_write_cache: Use fuse_session_exit() to stop filesystem threadRostislav Skudnov
2018-07-23example/{hello,null}: Fix memory leaksRostislav Skudnov
2018-07-23test_write_cache: Fix memory leaksRostislav Skudnov
2018-07-23fusermount: Fix memory leaksRostislav Skudnov
2018-07-21Fix readdir() bug when a non-zero offset is specified in filler (#269)Rostislav
2018-07-18fusermount: whitelist known-good filesystems for mountpointsJann Horn
2018-07-18fusermount: refuse unknown optionsJann Horn
2018-07-18fusermount: bail out on transient config read failureJann Horn
2018-07-18fusermount: don't feed "escaped commas" into mount optionsJann Horn
2018-07-18fusermount: prevent silent truncation of mount optionsJann Horn