BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd a missing `void *`-to-`char *` castBenjamin Barenblat2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-15Add a missing `void *`-to-`char *` castmasterBenjamin Barenblat
2020-10-22Fix some other iOS min versions to support Xcode 12.Thomas Van Lenten
2020-10-22Version bump for a release.Thomas Van Lenten
2020-10-22Bump the iOS project deployment version to 9.0 to support Xcode 12.Thomas Van Lenten
2020-10-22Bump the iOS deployment version since Xcode 12 don't build for iOS 8.Thomas Van Lenten
2020-10-02Fix issue found via asanThomas Van Lenten
2020-06-12userdata structures need to exist for lifetime of hooks.Thomas Van Lenten
2020-06-11Add some more assert context.Thomas Van Lenten
2020-06-10Create interface for initializing DB with SQLite flagsNicholas Tsoi-A-Sue
2020-06-09fix typoThomas Van Lenten
2020-03-05Remove GTMWindowSheetController (#256)dmaclach
2020-01-29GTMDefines.h - fix typo.David Phillip Oster
2020-01-21Avoid nullability compiler/clang-tidy warnings in _GTMDevAssert.Michael Wyman
2020-01-02Let Xcode 11.3 update the project schemes files.Thomas Van Lenten
2019-11-25Remove obsoleted nonsense symbols for suppressing libtool warningsDave MacLachlan
2019-10-22bump the version number to do a release soon.Thomas Van Lenten