BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRequire network < 3.0Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat7 months
0.01commit 19fde4960d...Gravatar Joey Hess22 months
6.20180227commit 54cc718cad...Gravatar Joey Hess4 years
6.20180112commit 853cc1a684...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20171214commit 7ff95343b8...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20171124commit 7910e2e624...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20171109commit d6b69c9a9b...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20171026commit 1214a9f9ec...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20171018commit be5b52f550...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20171003commit 6049fb7ec9...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20170925commit 990a53a2f1...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20170818commit f0d041f947...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20170520commit 74cb11b7cb...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20170519commit 75f31e480a...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20170510commit 07336da162...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20170321commit 5ddd1597e6...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
6.20170301.1commit 679d1d7aba...Gravatar Joey Hess5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-19Require network < 3.0HEADmasterGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Require hinotify < 0.4Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Unconditionally require the mountpoints packageGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Require socks < 0.6Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Convince GHC that a certain pattern match is exhaustiveGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Use aws >= 0.20Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Support more language extensions for persistentGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Deal with the Semigroup/Monoid proposalGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Deal with the MonadFail proposalGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Eliminate Data.Map.insertWith'Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Ignore files generated and used in recent Cabal buildsGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Remove references to deleted webappGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2022-01-19Remove Stack supportGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2018-03-08Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git-annex.branchable.comGravatar Joey Hess
2018-03-08devblogGravatar Joey Hess
2018-03-08use P2P protocol for dropGravatar Joey Hess