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masterhistory: Add option to show timestampsBenjamin Barenblat5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-06-27history: Add option to show timestampsHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat
2016-06-26don't allow f-k-r to run if stdin/stdout not a ttyKurtis Rader
2016-06-26fix fish_key_reader.cpp so it builds on linuxKurtis Rader
2016-06-26add more ways to exit fish_key_readerKurtis Rader
2016-06-26Reword variable expansion docsFabian Homborg
2016-06-26Document fish_mode_promptFabian Homborg
2016-06-26Rewrite error messages for incorrect TERMDavid Adam
2016-06-26update osx/config.h to match current configure outputDavid Adam
2016-06-25fix setting the fish_key_reader localeKurtis Rader
2016-06-25Remove oopsies while pasting.Aaron Gyes
2016-06-25Check for "Windows-3.4.0" as per MS's suggestion.Aaron Gyes
2016-06-24croak if gettimeofday() failsKurtis Rader
2016-06-23Style fixes.Aaron Gyes
2016-06-23history --merge to properly interleave itemsridiculousfish
2016-06-23fish_key_reader: ms were off by factor of ten.Aaron Gyes
2016-06-23std::isnan()Aaron Gyes