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masterver bumps up.Kazu Yamamoto9 years
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2012-10-29ver bumps up.HEADmasterKazu Yamamoto
2012-10-29set conduit lower version to avoid ambiguous 'sequence'.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-10-18ver bumps up.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-10-18doc update.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-10-17adding "." to "localhost" and using "".Kazu Yamamoto
2012-10-17Using conduit.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-10-17prevending haddock warnings.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-07-13cosmetic change.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-07-13cosmetic change.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-07-13cabal file update.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-07-12Merge pull request #6 from larskuhtz/masterKazu Yamamoto
2012-06-10Make Network.DNS.Resolver compile on mingw32hostsLars Kuhtz
2012-05-10encodeRR: compute and set the value of rdlen field during encodingLars Kuhtz
2012-03-28ver bumps up.Kazu Yamamoto
2012-03-27When performing a raw lookup, return the whole answer even if there were noBen Clifford
2012-03-27typoBen Clifford