BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRelease for unstableBenjamin Barenblat11 months
1.4.1-5commit a638f29273...Benjamin Barenblat11 months
1.4.1-4commit 1dcd782ea9...Benjamin Barenblat16 months
1.4.1-3commit 368efd1866...Benjamin Barenblat20 months
1.4.1-2commit 3470635127...Benjamin Barenblat23 months
1.4.1-1commit c2ac40b7fd...Benjamin Barenblat3 years
1.4.1commit 1baa9fef3d...satunnainen3 years
1.4.0-1commit 1dcaebc5e0...Benjamin Barenblat3 years
1.4.0commit cc02e478dd...Patrick Griffis3 years
1.3.1-2commit 2ce861c6f5...Benjamin Barenblat5 years
1.3.1-1commit 27d192088f...Benjamin Barenblat5 years
1.3.1commit 7c29748eee...Patrick Griffis5 years
1.3.0commit 4950975a59...Patrick Griffis5 years
1.1.1-2commit a8456dca86...Benjamin Barenblat6 years
1.2commit 4866f19e20...Alan F7 years
upstream/1.1.1commit 834a3f2151...Benjamin Barenblat8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-06-11Update changelogs and packaging metadata with new version F
2014-06-11update pot translation templateAlan F
2014-06-11update versionAlan F
2014-06-11remove unused variable in on_rss_receiveAlan F
2014-05-28tweak appdata summaryAlan F
2014-05-28fix aspect ratio of screenshotAlan F
2014-05-28issue 263 - AppData definition, for GNOME software center.Alan F
2014-05-21fix scope of destinationsAlan F
2014-05-20issue 261 - refactoring of persistent tree view during RSS broke the actions+...Alan F
2014-04-25issue 260 - present (bring to front) the torrent add options dialog to the us...Alan F
2014-04-24patch from rene.herman which fixes a type mismatch in some printf specificati...Alan F
2014-04-23completely disable the individual model set operations (in -DDEBUG) by changi...Alan F
2014-04-23in debug mode, add two missing model columns (connected and eta)Alan F
2014-04-15fix possible case error in rss-glib Makefile and readd silent compilationAlan F
2014-04-13bundle the libmrss wrapper to make building easierAlan F
2014-04-08don't include directory nodes in the n_files count when populating the upload...Alan F