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masterRelease for unstableBenjamin Barenblat5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-06-05Release for unstableHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat
2016-06-05Patch Dafny to use the system Z3Benjamin Barenblat
2016-06-05Update debian/gbp.confBenjamin Barenblat
2016-06-05Update debian/copyrightBenjamin Barenblat
2016-06-05Update debian/copyrightBenjamin Barenblat
2016-06-05Update debian/controlBenjamin Barenblat
2016-06-05Bump debian/changelogBenjamin Barenblat
2016-05-30Merge commit 'df5c5f5'Benjamin Barenblat
2016-04-06Update dependencies and Standards-VersionBenjamin Barenblat
2016-04-01New version number, for binary release on Codeplex and Rise4fun.leino
2016-04-01New test file, for recursive and iterative versions of McCarthy's 91 functionleino
2016-04-01New test case, proving monad laws for listsleino
2016-04-01Fix issue 148. The results for sign comparison for BigRational.CompareTo wasqunyanm
2016-03-31Allow modifies clauses for a "Main" method annotated with {:main} attribute.qunyanm
2016-03-31Fix issue 143. The list that stores the function fuel constants was declared asqunyanm