BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRelease for unstableGravatar Benjamin Barenblat6 years
dfsg_freeMerge branch 'upstream' into dfsg_freeGravatar Benjamin Barenblat6 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge d9c3a962e0...Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat6 years 54b058e054...Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-10-29Release for unstableHEAD2.3.0.61016+dfsg+3.gbp1f2d6c1-1masterGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-10-29Make BVD pick up on GTK colour schemeGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-10-29Update man pagesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-10-29Force using .NET 4.0Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-10-29Update debian/gbp.confGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-10-29Add Vcs-* URLs to debian/controlGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-10-29Update debian/changelogGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-10-29Merge branch 'dfsg_free'Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-10-29Merge branch 'upstream' into dfsg_freedfsg_freeGravatar Benjamin Barenblat
2016-08-17White space deltas. (I'm not sure why git thought I had changes in these fil...Gravatar Rustan Leino
2016-08-17Merge pull request #35 from Checkmate50/masterGravatar RustanLeino
2016-08-15Merge pull request #42 from BarryBo/masterGravatar RustanLeino
2016-08-12Fix deadlock in the new thread schedulerGravatar BarryBo
2016-08-01Merge pull request #41 from BarryBo/masterGravatar RustanLeino
2016-07-23fixed an error where a -0 was not interpreted as a negative numberGravatar Checkmate50
2016-07-22Run Boogie code on threads with large stacksGravatar BarryBo