BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDepend on wmiiBenjamin Barenblat7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-09-11Depend on wmiiHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat
2014-07-28Depend on xmobarJonathan Reed
2013-09-29Make the package work with git buildpackageAlexander Chernyakhovsky
2013-04-03In afs-config:Jonathan D Reed
2013-03-19In extra-software:Jonathan D Reed
2012-07-03In extra-software:Jonathan D Reed
2012-07-03In extra-software:Jonathan D Reed
2011-10-28In extra-software:Jonathan D Reed
2011-08-01In extra-software:Jonathan D Reed
2011-07-26In extra-software:Geoffrey Thomas
2011-07-03Add ${misc:Depends} in cluster, extra-software, extra-software-nox, Jonathan D Reed
2011-07-03No-change version bump to rebuild clients and extra-software Jonathan D Reed
2011-06-30Fix mistranslation due to eroded hieroglyphJonathan D Reed
2011-06-30Restore ancient history translated from paleolithic inscriptions found in cav...Jonathan D Reed
2011-06-29In extra-software:Jonathan D Reed
2011-06-29Delete .equivs file now that it's not an equivs packageJonathan D Reed