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* AppVeyor: Remove submodule checkout depthYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-07
* AppVeyor: Remove os: unstableTrung Do2015-06-24
* AppVeyor: update WinSCP download link with one that should never expirearchshift2015-06-21
* AppVeyor: update WinSCP download link (with direct download link)archshift2015-06-15
* AppVeyor: update WinSCP download linkarchshift2015-06-15
* Appveyor: Create a second archive with only the binaries, for people who donā...Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2015-06-15
* Remove every trailing whitespace from the project (but externals).Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2015-05-29
* Updated the appveyor build to no longer copy the QT dlls since it is done in ...James Rowe2015-03-28
* Remove mysterious spaces that were added by `git show --format`archshift2015-03-19
* Strip newlines on the build name before trying to upload.archshift2015-03-17
* CI: upload builds to builds.citra-emu.org instead of MEGAarchshift2015-03-16
* Appveyor: Adjust clone depth settingsYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-02-08
* Appveyor: Do x64 buildsYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-02-08
* AppVeyor: Use Citra's Mega accountChin2015-01-24
* AppVeyor: Add qwindows.dll to the buildChin2015-01-24
* AppVeyor: Sanitize the file name before uploadingChin2015-01-24
* AppVeyor: Change to release build instead of debugchinhodado2015-01-24
* AppVeyor: Upload build to Mega upon build completionchinhodado2015-01-24
* AppVeyor: Use shallow clonechinhodado2015-01-11
* Add appveyor.ymlChin2015-01-11