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-// Copyright 2013 Dolphin Emulator Project / 2014 Citra Emulator Project
-// Licensed under GPLv2 or any later version
-// Refer to the license.txt file included.
-#pragma once
-#include "common/common_types.h"
-u32 HashFletcher(const u8* data_u8, size_t length); // FAST. Length & 1 == 0.
-u32 HashAdler32(const u8* data, size_t len); // Fairly accurate, slightly slower
-u32 HashFNV(const u8* ptr, int length); // Another fast and decent hash
-u32 HashEctor(const u8* ptr, int length); // JUNK. DO NOT USE FOR NEW THINGS
-u64 GetCRC32(const u8 *src, int len, u32 samples); // SSE4.2 version of CRC32
-u64 GetHashHiresTexture(const u8 *src, int len, u32 samples);
-u64 GetMurmurHash3(const u8 *src, int len, u32 samples);
-u64 GetHash64(const u8 *src, int len, u32 samples);
-void SetHash64Function(bool useHiresTextures);