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masterAlways use exactly two components in Xcode version featurebbaren3 years
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2018-08-15Always use exactly two components in Xcode version featureHEADmasterbbaren
2018-08-15Clarify docs for ctx.actions.run_shell()'s command/argumentsbrandjon
2018-08-15Use ConcurrentHashMap instead of Cache where we aren't using any of theGoogler
2018-08-15Throw an EvalException when run_shell is passed both a command string sequenc...cparsons
2018-08-15PiperOrigin-RevId: 208861891shahan
2018-08-15Support tree artifacts in target complete.tomlu
2018-08-15Remove the 3-arg minimum on shell actionscparsons
2018-08-15Have DigestMap support multiple hash functions.tomlu
2018-08-15Enable proto based resource shrinkingcorysmith
2018-08-14Filter out events from analysis when constructing execution-phase values in S...janakr
2018-08-14Automated rollback of commit 37bd5f665aa614c6dc640c9d19852dd8d5efb0d8.felly
2018-08-14Add note about requiring an <instrumentation> tag in a test app's AndroidMani...jingwen
2018-08-14[Skylark] Avoid unnecessary subList invocations.Taras Tsugrii
2018-08-14Skip __init__.py in __pycache__ dir.Googler
2018-08-14Carry Fileset flags over to host configuration.felly
2018-08-14Create new config module that is responsible for creating BuildSetting descri...juliexxia