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* don't segfault when toggling a nonexistent variableBrendan Taylor2011-11-28
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'mathstuf/dev/fix-toggle-test'Brendan Taylor2011-11-23
* | add toggle commandBrendan Taylor2011-11-23
| * Update statusbar toggle testBen Boeckel2011-11-22
* convert show_status to a getterBrendan Taylor2011-09-17
* introduce getter and setter functions.Brendan Taylor2011-09-17
* fix set command testkeis2011-09-11
* fix testsBrendan Taylor2011-07-12
* fix crash when using uri without argumentkeis2011-02-19
* update tests for new event escapingBrendan Taylor2011-02-17
* replace itos() with g_strdup_printf()Brendan Taylor2011-02-15
* remove redundant testBrendan Taylor2011-02-15
* Merge commit 'f25d19c0' into experimentalBrendan Taylor2011-02-14
| * fix a crash when executing a nonexistent commandBrendan Taylor2011-02-14
* | test-expand.c uses functions that are now in util.cBrendan Taylor2011-02-14
* kill run_handler, inject_handler_args, strfree and sync_stdoutBrendan Taylor2011-01-14
* add a variable @_ that expands to the result of the last sync commandBrendan Taylor2011-01-13
* Merge remote branch 'keis/gtk3' into experimentalBrendan Taylor2010-12-31
* | change tests that expected positional argumentsBrendan Taylor2010-12-30
* | take advantage of implicit Makefile rulesBrendan Taylor2010-12-27
* | remove redundant CFLAGSBrendan Taylor2010-12-27
* | separate makefile configuration section from rules sectionBrendan Taylor2010-12-27
* | untangle the CFLAGS messBrendan Taylor2010-12-27
* Makefile: add (commented) lines for using gtk+ 3Brendan Taylor2010-12-27
* Update the unit tests to allow periods in variable names.Mason Larobina2010-04-04
* Remove keycmd testcase. The builtin-keycmd code has been droppedDieter Plaetinck2010-03-11
* merge in pawelz' authentication handler + some other fixesDieter Plaetinck2010-01-24
* | unbreak test suiteDieter Plaetinck2010-01-24
| * better way to check WebKit versionPaweĊ‚ Zuzelski2010-01-12
* disable Uzbl javascript object because of security problem.Dieter Plaetinck2010-01-05
* status_message is not a built-in variable anymore so the unit tests must use ...Dieter Plaetinck2009-11-12
* scroll stuff: update unit tests + remove bindings that (may) conflict with ke...Dieter Plaetinck2009-11-08
* remove obsolete testsRob2009-11-04
* expand arguments given to "set *_handler"Brendan Taylor2009-10-25
* fix tests (decimal separator and unset scbar_v)Brendan Taylor2009-10-24
* fixed test-command (clientchan -> client_chan)Brendan Taylor2009-10-14
* fix tests, introduce command testsBrendan Taylor2009-10-14
* deprecate insert/command mode, always_insert_mode, mode indicators, in favor ...Dieter Plaetinck2009-09-19
* move 'uzbl' to more specific 'uzbl-core' program, and add 'uzbl-browser' scri...Dieter Plaetinck2009-09-05
* fix 'make test' after a commit.Brendan Taylor2009-07-19
* remove out-of-date test-1.cBrendan Taylor2009-07-16
* Merge branch 'experimental' of git://github.com/Dieterbe/uzbl into replace-ex...Brendan Taylor2009-07-16
| * Updated CFLAGS and LDFLAGS in tests/Makefile. TODO: Find a way for those vari...uranther2009-07-14
* | "set keycmd = x" is now equivalent to "keycmd x"Brendan Taylor2009-07-12
* | update mode indicator when @insert_mode is setBrendan Taylor2009-07-12
* | make keycmd a variable. new escape expansion syntax. deleteBrendan Taylor2009-07-12
* | silly me, @MSG -> @status_messageBrendan Taylor2009-07-09
* | test nested expansionsBrendan Taylor2009-07-09
* | @MODE works.Brendan Taylor2009-07-09
* | escape_expansion test and new failing expand() testsBrendan Taylor2009-07-08