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* make uzbl-core --version's output nicerBrendan Taylor2011-05-23
* cleanup misc: remove unused files, fix bashismsBrendan Taylor2011-03-19
* use absolute paths in env.shBrendan Taylor2010-12-28
* Revert to a more useful comment in env.shMason Larobina2010-01-27
* The sandbox/ directory is created when any sandbox make target is run.Mason Larobina2010-01-04
* hash.sh -> misc/hash.shDieter Plaetinck2010-01-01
* typo fixDieter Plaetinck2009-05-03
* scripts that aid in fifo debuggingDieter Plaetinck2009-05-02
* noteDieter Plaetinck2009-04-25
* simple bench scripts for dmenu/awk/sort/..Dieter Plaetinck2009-04-25