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* update .gitignoreGravatar Brendan Taylor2011-03-17
* add uzbl-cookie-manager to gitignoreGravatar Jochen Sprickerhof2010-11-28
* Revert "Adding new rule to ignore version file."Gravatar Mason Larobina2010-07-01
* Adding new rule to ignore version file.Gravatar Mason Larobina2010-05-03
* remove the 'uzbl' subdirectory in examples/*/, since the sandbox they are no ...Gravatar Dieter Plaetinck2010-01-02
* add *.pyc to gitignoreGravatar Simon Lipp2010-01-01
* Remove examples/date from .gitignoreGravatar Simon Lipp2010-01-01
* overdue changes to .gitignore since uzbl-core splitup and Makefile changesGravatar Dieter Plaetinck2009-10-24
* Remove uzblctrl - use socat instead.Gravatar Tom Adams2009-08-24
* git should ignore examples/config/enchantGravatar Helmut Grohne2009-07-25
* Preliminary uzbl testing framework - props to bct for the helpGravatar uranther2009-06-24
* merge in sm217s cookie code (which is work in progress)Gravatar Dieter Plaetinck2009-05-06
| * Implement saving cookiesGravatar Evgeny Grablyk2009-05-05
* | Updated gitignore file to ignore backups and ctagsGravatar Jason Axelson (dell.server)2009-05-03
* Replaced FIFO interface with socket.Gravatar Barrucadu2009-04-29
* Removed .gitignore from .gitignoreGravatar Barrucadu2009-04-27
* Edited .gitignore.Gravatar Barrucadu2009-04-27
* Created a .gitignore file for ignorable filesGravatar Jason Axelson (dell.server)2009-04-26