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authorJulien Danjou <>2010-10-06 12:27:08 +0200
committerJulien Danjou <>2010-10-06 12:27:08 +0200
commit5081c9c258fb9441eae7e3eff00f8381280b0ae4 (patch)
parentf6c901c6f4de07059384710974c118a80643e72d (diff)
Enhance defcustoms
1 files changed, 35 insertions, 16 deletions
diff --git a/offlineimap.el b/offlineimap.el
index 4f102b1..bf6e891 100644
--- a/offlineimap.el
+++ b/offlineimap.el
@@ -58,11 +58,16 @@ OfflineIMAP status should be displayed in the mode line."
If set to 'symbol, it will only display
`offlineimap-mode-line-symbol' with different colors based on
what OfflineIMAP is doing. If set to 'text, it will display the
-action as a text in color instead of a single symbol.")
+action as a text in color instead of a single symbol."
+ :group 'offlineimap
+ :type '(choice (const :tag "Symbol" symbol)
+ (const :tag "Action text" text)))
(defcustom offlineimap-mode-line-symbol "‚úČ"
"Symbol used to display OfflineIMAP status in mode-line.
-This is used when `offlineimap-mode-line-style' is set to 'symbol.")
+This is used when `offlineimap-mode-line-style' is set to 'symbol."
+ :group 'offlineimap
+ :type 'string)
(defcustom offlineimap-timestamp nil
"Timestamp to add at the beginning of each OffsyncIMAP line."
@@ -78,58 +83,72 @@ This is used when `offlineimap-mode-line-style' is set to 'symbol.")
(defface offlineimap-msg-acct-face
'((t (:foreground "purple")))
- "Face used to highlight acct lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight acct lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-connecting-face
'((t (:foreground "gray")))
- "Face used to highlight connecting lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight connecting lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-syncfolders-face
'((t (:foreground "blue")))
- "Face used to highlight syncfolders lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight syncfolders lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-syncingfolders-face
'((t (:foreground "cyan")))
- "Face used to highlight syncingfolders lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight syncingfolders lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-skippingfolder-face
'((t (:foreground "cyan")))
- "Face used to highlight skippingfolder lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight skippingfolder lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-loadmessagelist-face
'((t (:foreground "green")))
- "Face used to highlight loadmessagelist lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight loadmessagelist lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-syncingmessages-face
'((t (:foreground "blue")))
- "Face used to highlight syncingmessages lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight syncingmessages lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-copyingmessage-face
'((t (:foreground "orange")))
- "Face used to highlight copyingmessage lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight copyingmessage lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-deletingmessages-face
'((t (:foreground "red")))
- "Face used to highlight deletingmessages lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight deletingmessages lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-deletingmessage-face
'((t (:foreground "red")))
- "Face used to highlight deletingmessage lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight deletingmessage lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-addingflags-face
'((t (:foreground "yellow")))
- "Face used to highlight addingflags lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight addingflags lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-msg-deletingflags-face
'((t (:foreground "pink")))
- "Face used to highlight deletingflags lines.")
+ "Face used to highlight deletingflags lines."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defface offlineimap-error-face
'((t (:foreground "red" :weight bold)))
- "Face used to highlight status when offlineimap is stopped.")
+ "Face used to highlight status when offlineimap is stopped."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(defvar offlineimap-mode-line-string nil
- "Variable showed in mode line to display OfflineIMAP status.")
+ "Variable showed in mode line to display OfflineIMAP status."
+ :group 'offlineimap)
(put 'offlineimap-mode-line-string 'risky-local-variable t) ; allow properties