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* test: check for gdb in insert testsDavid Bremner2014-10-18
* test/insert: check that indexing errors are accepted with --keepDavid Bremner2014-10-18
* cli/insert: require succesful message indexing for success statusJani Nikula2014-10-18
* test/insert: add known broken tests for indexing failuresDavid Bremner2014-10-18
* test: Port atomicity test to PythonAustin Clements2014-10-05
* configure: add debug flags by default.David Bremner2014-10-05
* test: check for debug symbols in notmuchDavid Bremner2014-10-05
* emacs: Fix coding system in `notmuch-show-view-raw-message'Austin Clements2014-09-21
* test: New tests for Emacs charset handlingAustin Clements2014-09-21
* test/emacs: globally force the html renderer to html2textDavid Bremner2014-09-21
* test: simplify T360-symbol-hiding, use nm instead of objdumpDavid Bremner2014-09-13
* cli: Be more helpful when .notmuch-config does not existAustin Clements2014-09-07
* test: Tests for future version and unknown feature handlingAustin Clements2014-08-30
* test: Tool to build DB with specific version and featuresAustin Clements2014-08-30
* new: Don't report version after upgradeAustin Clements2014-08-30
* Make parsing of References and In-Reply-To header less error proneMichal Sojka2014-08-16
* Add test for incorrect threading of messagesMichal Sojka2014-08-16
* test: Include generated dependencies for test sourcesAustin Clements2014-08-06
* emacs: Expand default saved searches and add shortcut keysAustin Clements2014-08-05
* dump: make dump take Xapian write lockMark Walters2014-07-16
* test: Test thread linking in all possible delivery ordersAustin Clements2014-07-16
* test: redirect gdb output to a file.David Bremner2014-07-13
* test: make test_emacs call post-command-hookDavid Bremner2014-07-13
* test: use sh.config for configurationJani Nikula2014-07-13
* Merge branch 'release'David Bremner2014-06-22
| * lib: Separate all phrases indexed by _notmuch_message_gen_termsAustin Clements2014-06-18
| * test: Known-broken test for overlapping/adjacent termposAustin Clements2014-06-18
| * lib: Index name and address of from/to headers as a phraseAustin Clements2014-06-18
| * test: Add search tests for combined name/address queriesAustin Clements2014-06-18
| * test: Fix from/to search test queriesAustin Clements2014-06-18
* | Merge branch 'release'David Bremner2014-06-13
| * lib: resurrect support for single-message mbox filesJani Nikula2014-06-13
| * test: use --quick when starting emacs.David Bremner2014-06-13
* | build: add datacleanDavid Bremner2014-05-28
* | Merge branch 'release'David Bremner2014-05-18
| * test: allow pending break points in atomicity script.David Bremner2014-05-18
| * test/Makefile.local: Added configured TALLOC_LDFLAGS.Charles Celerier2014-05-18
* | test: add have-man and have-compact in test/.gitignoreJani Nikula2014-05-03
* test: use test_expect_equal for PATH test, update messageDavid Bremner2014-04-18
* test: verify tag backup generated by database upgradeDavid Bremner2014-04-12
* notmuch-new: backup tags before database upgradeDavid Bremner2014-04-12
* restore: transparently support gzipped inputDavid Bremner2014-04-12
* test: restore with missing final newlineDavid Bremner2014-04-12
* dump: support gzipped and atomic outputDavid Bremner2014-04-12
* lib: drop support for single-message mbox filesJani Nikula2014-04-05
* test: conditionally test help system depending on configured supportJani Nikula2014-03-26
* emacs: Use whitelist instead of blacklist for term escapingAustin Clements2014-03-25
* test: Add broken test for Emacs boolean term escapingAustin Clements2014-03-25
* test: conditionally test compact depending on configured supportJani Nikula2014-03-25
* test: use $(srcdir) instead of . as include pathDavid Bremner2014-03-25