path: root/tag-util.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* cli: add missing \n in error messageJani Nikula2014-03-06
* cli: export function for illegal tag checkingJani Nikula2014-03-06
* tag-util: do not reset list in parse_tag_command_linePeter Wang2013-06-29
* tag-util: move out 'tag' command-line checkPeter Wang2013-06-29
* cli: make caller check tag count in parse_tag_command_lineJani Nikula2013-03-30
* notmuch-tag.c: convert to use tag-utilDavid Bremner2013-01-07
* tag-util: factor out rules for illegal tags, use in parse_tag_lineDavid Bremner2013-01-06
* dump/restore: Use Xapian queries for batch-tag formatAustin Clements2013-01-06
* parse_tag_line: use enum for return value.David Bremner2012-12-26
* tag-utils: use the tag_opt_list_t as talloc context, if possible.David Bremner2012-12-22
* tag-util: optimization of tag applicationDavid Bremner2012-12-09
* tag-util.[ch]: New files for common tagging routinesDavid Bremner2012-12-09