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* cli/insert: require succesful message indexing for success statusJani Nikula2014-10-18
* cli/insert: add fail path to add_file_to_databaseJani Nikula2014-10-18
* cli/insert: rehash file writing functionsJani Nikula2014-09-24
* cli/insert: abstract temporary filename generationJani Nikula2014-09-24
* cli/insert: use a single recursive mkdir functionJani Nikula2014-09-24
* cli/insert: clean up sync_dirJani Nikula2014-09-24
* cli/insert: rename file copy functionJani Nikula2014-09-24
* cli/insert: move add_file_to_database to a better placeJani Nikula2014-09-24
* cli/insert: rename check_folder_name to is_valid_folder_nameJani Nikula2014-09-24
* cli: refactor insertPeter Wang2014-09-16
* cli: make sure notmuch new and insert don't add invalid tagsJani Nikula2014-03-06
* cli: clean up exit status code returned by the cli commandsJani Nikula2014-01-18
* insert: respect maildir.synchronize_flagsJani Nikula2014-01-03
* insert: add --create-folder optionPeter Wang2013-07-04
* insert: add --folder optionPeter Wang2013-07-01
* cli: add insert commandPeter Wang2013-06-29