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* cli: mime node: fix compiler warning when building against gmime 2.4Jani Nikula2013-04-14
* cli: mime node: abstract decryption and signature verificationJani Nikula2013-04-01
* Avoid potentially dereferencing a NULL pointerJustus Winter2012-09-27
* cli: use new notmuch_crypto_get_context in mime-node.cJameson Graef Rollins2012-06-10
* cli: new crypto verify flag to handle verificationJameson Graef Rollins2012-06-10
* cli: modify mime_node_context to use the new crypto structJameson Graef Rollins2012-06-10
* cli: modify mime_node_open to take new crypto struct as argumentJameson Graef Rollins2012-06-10
* cli: use new typedef to deal with gmime 2.4/2.6 context incompatibilityJameson Graef Rollins2012-06-10
* Handle errors in mime_node_openAustin Clements2012-03-10
* mime node: Record depth-first part numbersAustin Clements2012-01-25
* Add compatibility with gmime 2.6Thomas Jost2012-01-21
* Utility function to seek in MIME trees in depth-first order.Austin Clements2011-12-25
* Introduce a generic tree-like abstraction for MIME traversal.Austin Clements2011-12-25