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* emacs: Query Emacs display table to determine ellipsis stringHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat2014-10-20
* emacs: jump: fix compile warning on emacs 23Mark Walters2014-09-24
* emacs: Fix coding system in `notmuch-show-view-raw-message'Austin Clements2014-09-21
* emacs: Remove redundant NTH argument from `notmuch-get-bodypart-content'.Austin Clements2014-09-21
* emacs: jump: sort-order bugfixMark Walters2014-09-07
* emacs: Improved compatibility for window-body-width in Emacs < 24Austin Clements2014-08-16
* emacs: Expand default saved searches and add shortcut keysAustin Clements2014-08-05
* emacs: Introduce notmuch-jump: shortcut keys to saved searchesAustin Clements2014-08-05
* emacs: Clarify that notmuch-poll-script is deprecatedAustin Clements2014-07-31
* emacs: show: make return value of notmuch-show-get-prop explicitMark Walters2014-07-30
* emacs: tree/show remove duplicate functionMark Walters2014-07-16
* emacs: set default in notmuch-read-queryMark Walters2014-07-15
* emacs: search archive tweakMark Walters2014-07-15
* emacs: show: add an update seen function to post-command-hookMark Walters2014-07-13
* emacs: Fix indentation.David Edmondson2014-07-13
* emacs: Forwarded messages should not have modified buffersDavid Edmondson2014-06-22
* Merge branch 'release'David Bremner2014-06-15
| * emacs install: make sure all components to be installed are thereTomi Ollila2014-06-15
* | Merge branch 'release'David Bremner2014-05-28
| * emacs: make sure tagging on an empty query is harmlessMark Walters2014-05-27
* | emacs: Correct the documentation for `notmuch-search-line-faces'.David Edmondson2014-05-18
* | emacs: allow functions in notmuch-show-stash-mlarchive-link-alistJani Nikula2014-05-04
* emacs: hello: bugfix for saved searches defcustomMark Walters2014-04-21
* emacs: Honor debug-on-error for part renderersAustin Clements2014-04-19
* emacs: hello: bugfix: make alphabetically sorted saved searches workMark Walters2014-04-14
* emacs: remove auto-signing of replies to signed messagesJameson Graef Rollins2014-04-14
* emacs: add $(srcdir) to notmuch-version.el.tmpl dependencyTomi Ollila2014-04-13
* emacs: sign/encrypt replies to signed/encrypted messagesJani Nikula2014-04-12
* emacs: Add a sort-order option to saved-searchesMark Walters2014-04-11
* emacs: hello: switch notmuch-hello-insert-buttons to plistsMark Walters2014-04-11
* emacs: hello: add a customize for saved-searchesMark Walters2014-04-11
* emacs: hello: use the saved-search helper functionsMark Walters2014-04-11
* emacs: hello: add helper functions for saved-searchesMark Walters2014-04-11
* emacs: defun notmuch-hello-versions and bind 'v' in hello mode to itTomi Ollila2014-04-10
* emacs: add notmuch-version.el.tmpl and create notmuch-version.el from itTomi Ollila2014-04-10
* emacs: push mark before signature on replyJani Nikula2014-03-30
* emacs: add defcustom notmuch-init-file and load it if existsTomi Ollila2014-03-30
* emacs: instruct user to autoload notmuch instead of require'ing itTomi Ollila2014-03-30
* emacs: Use whitelist instead of blacklist for term escapingAustin Clements2014-03-25
* emacs: tree: use orig-tags in searchMark Walters2014-03-24
* emacs: search: use orig-tags in searchMark Walters2014-03-24
* emacs: show: use orig-tags for tag displayMark Walters2014-03-24
* emacs: show: mark tags changed since buffer loadedMark Walters2014-03-24
* emacs: tag: add customize for deleted/added tag formatsMark Walters2014-03-24
* emacs: tag split customise option for format-tags into a widgetMark Walters2014-03-24
* Make keys of notmuch-tag-formats regexps and use cachingAustin Clements2014-03-24
* emacs: Combine notmuch-combine-face-text-property{, -string}Austin Clements2014-03-24
* emacs: add path: prefix to query completionJani Nikula2014-03-23
* emacs: use the originating buffer's working directory for pipeJani Nikula2014-03-04
* emacs: Simplify and fix `notmuch-mua-prompt-for-sender'Austin Clements2014-03-04