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* completion: fail silently if _init_completion is not foundJani Nikula2014-08-22
* completion: complete directory parameters to directories onlyJani Nikula2014-03-25
* completion: add proper completion of folder: and path:Jani Nikula2014-03-25
* completion: bash completion for notmuch new --quiet optionJani Nikula2014-02-03
* completion: update bash completionJani Nikula2013-11-11
* completion: update README about bash completion dependenciesJani Nikula2013-03-30
* completion: complete bash completion rewriteJani Nikula2013-03-28
* fix sum moar typos [build scripts, Makefiles]Pieter Praet2011-06-23
* build: Add support for non-source-directory builds.Carl Worth2011-03-09
* Makefile: Quote variables used as filenames in shell commandsCarl Worth2011-01-26
* Fix installation of zsh completionMichal Sojka2011-01-26
* configure: add options to disable emacs/zsh/bash and choose install dir.C├ędric Cabessa2011-01-26
* Makefile: Move the completion-specific commands to completion/Makefile.localCarl Worth2010-04-06
* Rename the "contrib" directory to "completion".Carl Worth2010-04-06