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* build: generate sh.config for feeding configure results to shell scriptsJani Nikula2014-07-13
* build: check .git directory existence in srcdir (for out-of-tree builds)Tomi Ollila2014-07-09
* build: add datacleanDavid Bremner2014-05-28
* build: remove .tar.gz.tmp files in cleanDavid Bremner2014-05-28
* Merge branch 'release'David Bremner2014-05-28
| * build: fix order of rpathFelipe Contreras2014-05-28
* | Merge tag '0.18_rc1'David Bremner2014-05-04
| * build: use UPSTREAM_TAG and not VERSION to generate tarballDavid Bremner2014-05-04
* | building from git: use --abbrev=7 for version stringTomi Ollila2014-04-24
* dump: support gzipped and atomic outputDavid Bremner2014-04-12
* build: write version.stamp file containing $(VERSION) stringTomi Ollila2014-04-10
* doc: build man pages at build time; introduce HAVE_SPHINX, HAVE_RST2MANDavid Bremner2014-03-18
* doc: install sphinx version of man pagesDavid Bremner2014-03-09
* build: delete the default .SUFFIXESTomi Ollila2014-01-25
* build: remove trailing '/.' when doing mkdir -p .deps/.Tomi Ollila2014-01-13
* Place extra_cflags before CONFIGURE_CFLAGSMoritz Wilhelmy2013-10-25
* notmuch-compact: Initial commit of CLIBen Gamari2013-10-09
* reply: Use RFC 2822/MIME wholly for text format templateAustin Clements2013-08-17
* cli: add insert commandPeter Wang2013-06-29
* build: pass CPPFLAGS to C and C++ compilersDavid Bremner2013-06-02
* tag-util.[ch]: New files for common tagging routinesDavid Bremner2012-12-09
* Adding an S-expression structured output printer.Peter Feigl2012-12-08
* build: build parse-time-string as part of the notmuch lib and static cliJani Nikula2012-10-31
* {., man}/Makefile.local: edit/remove release-checks.sh related targetsTomi Ollila2012-09-05
* cli: Remove now-unused json.cAustin Clements2012-08-12
* build system: remove configure output in Make distclean.David Bremner2012-08-02
* build system: remove directories created by tests in "make clean"David Bremner2012-08-02
* Add structured output formatter for JSON and plain text (but don't use them y...craven@gmx.net2012-07-24
* cli: new crypto structure to store crypto contexts and parameters, and functi...Jameson Graef Rollins2012-06-10
* Record dependencies during build instead of beforeAustin Clements2012-04-15
* Remove show-message.cAustin Clements2012-04-15
* Fix dependency generation for CLI sourcesAustin Clements2012-01-19
* build-system: update for split man pagesDavid Bremner2011-12-31
* Introduce a generic tree-like abstraction for MIME traversal.Austin Clements2011-12-25
* build-system: use a shell variable for TMPFILE in debian-snapshotDavid Bremner2011-12-18
* cli: introduce the concept of user defined hooksJani Nikula2011-12-11
* command-line-arguments.[ch]: new argument parsing framework for notmuch.David Bremner2011-12-08
* Merge branch 'release'David Bremner2011-12-06
* | make release: remove LATEST-$(PACKAGE)-*Tomi Ollila2011-12-06
* | have LATEST-notmuch-<version>.tar.gz on releases web pageTomi Ollila2011-12-06
| * build system: allow decreasing debian versions for debian-snapshotDavid Bremner2011-12-05
* | make release: use sed to check debian versionTomi Ollila2011-11-24
* | make release: added goal verify-version-manpageTomi Ollila2011-11-24
* | make release: verify-version-*: change comparison logicTomi Ollila2011-11-24
* | build system: add target update-versions to propagate versionDavid Bremner2011-11-19
* | build system: use $(filter ...) to test MAKECMDGOALSDavid Bremner2011-11-19
* build system: tweak VERSION so that debian-snapshot works for N.NN~rcNDavid Bremner2011-11-17
* xutil.c: remove duplicate copies, create new library libutil.a to contain xutil.David Bremner2011-10-30
* build system: target to make a Debian snapshot package.David Bremner2011-10-28
* build system: remove dashes from git-describe generated version.David Bremner2011-10-28