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* Recommend libgmime-2.6-dev in INSTALLAustin Clements2012-05-24
* Update NEWS and INSTALL about gmime 2.6Thomas Jost2012-01-21
* INSTALL/README: Clean up the description of how to run the emacs interface.Carl Worth2010-06-01
* INSTALL: Note the advantages of Xapian 1.0.18+ and 1.1.4+Carl Worth2010-06-01
* INSTALL: Include Fedora command for installing dependencies of notmuch.Carl Worth2010-03-09
* INSTALL: Add a pointer to ./configure --helpCarl Worth2010-03-09
* INSTALL/notmuch.el: More details on how to install/run notmuch.elCarl Worth2009-11-21
* INSTALL: emacs install dokumentation.Stefan Schmidt2009-11-21
* INSTALL: Mention that xapian-config might be named xapian-config-1.1Carl Worth2009-11-21
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