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* Update README.HEADmasterChristopher Rosell2012-10-05
* Update READMEChristopher Rosell2012-10-05
* plugins.ustreamtv: Refactor to support more streams.Christopher Rosell2012-10-04
* Add Livestream.com plugin (only the new version).Christopher Rosell2012-10-04
* Add support for AkamaiHD's HTTP streaming protocol.Christopher Rosell2012-10-04
* stream.hls: Fix relative sequence URLs.Christopher Rosell2012-10-04
* stream.hls: Some minor improvements.Christopher Rosell2012-10-04
* Release version 1.3.2.Christopher Rosell2012-10-04
* plugins.ustream: Update for new layout.Christopher Rosell2012-10-02
* plugins.youtube: Adding a special signature to stream URL is now needed.Christopher Rosell2012-09-30
* Improve quality weighting.Christopher Rosell2012-09-30
* cli: Add option to load plugins from custom directories.Christopher Rosell2012-09-29
* Update README.Christopher Rosell2012-09-29
* Release version 1.3.1.Christopher Rosell2012-09-29
* Add tools to build standalone Windows version and installer.Christopher Rosell2012-09-29
* Handle empty lines in livestreamerrc.Christopher Rosell2012-09-29
* Fix file check on Python 3.Christopher Rosell2012-09-26
* Update README.Christopher Rosell2012-09-26
* Add .stream to packages list.Christopher Rosell2012-09-26
* Fix broken plugins.onegamenet.Christopher Rosell2012-09-22
* Add support for Apple HLS streams.Christopher Rosell2012-09-21
* Fix missing imports from last commit.Christopher Rosell2012-09-20
* Split stream.py.Christopher Rosell2012-09-20
* Fix small error in README.Christopher Rosell2012-09-19
* Release version 1.3.Christopher Rosell2012-09-19
* No need to close *nix fifo, just remove it.Christopher Rosell2012-09-18
* Move the named pipe stuff to a file-like class.Christopher Rosell2012-09-18
* Use unique pipe name and fix pipe blocking on open on *nix.Christopher Rosell2012-09-18
* Fix Python 3 error and invalid import.Christopher Rosell2012-09-18
* Merge pull request #24 from ToadKing/masterChristopher Rosell2012-09-18
| * named pipe fixesToad King2012-09-17
| * new feature: output to player though a named pipeToad King2012-09-17
* Update README with solution for a common issue.Christopher Rosell2012-09-11
* livestreamer.plugins.justintv: Verify stream info.Christopher Rosell2012-09-11
* Catch more exceptions in urlopen.Christopher Rosell2012-09-09
* Make urlget prefetch by default.Christopher Rosell2012-09-09
* Add Ongamenet plugin.Christopher Rosell2012-09-08
* Make logger handle both args and keyword args.Christopher Rosell2012-09-08
* Add a exception argument to urlopen.Christopher Rosell2012-09-08
* Get rid of urllib and use requests instead.Christopher Rosell2012-09-07
* livestreamer.plugins.justintv: Always use lowercase channel name.Christopher Rosell2012-09-01
* livestreamer.plugins.justintv: Avoid SWF verification when possible.Christopher Rosell2012-08-28
* livestreamer.plugins.gomtv: Add some logging.Christopher Rosell2012-08-27
* livestreamer.plugins.gomtv: Handle main page URL.Christopher Rosell2012-08-27
* Make help for --rtmpdump more clear.Christopher Rosell2012-08-27
* livestreamer.plugins.gomtv: A few tweaks and fixes.Christopher Rosell2012-08-25
* Merge pull request #21 from niallm90/plugin-gomtvChristopher Rosell2012-08-25
| * Added reference to GOMTV.net licence and added it to the readmeNiall McAndrew2012-08-25
| * Added GOMTV plugin support adapted from https://github.com/sjp/GOMstreamerNiall McAndrew2012-08-25
* Update README with URL to docs.Christopher Rosell2012-08-24