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* Release for unstableHEAD1.3.4-1masterGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2020-10-15
* Update compat level and Standards-VersionGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2020-10-15
* Refresh patchesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2020-10-15
* Start packaging 1.3.4-1Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat2020-10-15
* Release for unstable1.3.3-3Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat2019-10-27
* Update Standards-Version to 4.4.1Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat2019-10-27
* Use Python 3 for testsGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2019-10-27
* Set Multi-Arch: foreign1.3.3-2Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat2019-01-03
* Release for unstable1.3.3-1Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat2018-12-20
* Use sh as the shell for rcmGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2018-12-20
* Patch out references to macOS in the man pagesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2018-12-20
* Move contributor list to its own fileGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2018-12-20
* Begin packaging 1.3.3Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat2018-12-20
* Remove upstream’s Debian packagingGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2018-12-20
* Prepare for the next releaseGravatar Mike Burns2014-05-14
* Post-release cleanupGravatar Mike Burns2014-03-28
* Fresh changelogs, ready for a new commitGravatar Mike Burns2014-03-07
* Start bringing in the from gitshGravatar Mike Burns2014-02-26
* Add a release targetGravatar Mike Burns2013-08-01
* Able to generate deb packagesGravatar Mike Burns2013-07-27