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* Prepping for releaseGravatar Mike Burns2020-08-28
* Use homebrew-core installGravatar Stephen2020-08-28
* Remove myself from the package maintainers listGravatar Leonardo Brondani Schenkel2018-07-13
* Update build docs and Homebrewv1.3.2Gravatar Mike Burns2018-07-13
* Update the list of package maintainersGravatar Mike Burns2018-07-06
* Document the official thoughtbot Debian repositoryGravatar Eric Collins2017-01-07
* Add to the list of package maintainersGravatar Mike Burns and Eric Collins2016-12-26
* We have a FreeBSD packageGravatar Mike Burns2015-12-14
* Update GPG key to match the one in the PPAv1.3.0Gravatar Martin Frost2015-11-06
* Drop Gentoo instructionsGravatar Mike Burns2015-11-01
* Fix Markdown newlines in list of package mantainersGravatar Zach Latta2015-09-04
* Improve release script with a focus on DebianGravatar Martin Frost2015-01-07
* Improve setup documentationGravatar Martin Frost2015-01-07
* Add a release scriptGravatar Mike Burns2014-12-19
* Expand on instructions for contributors to get startedGravatar Melissa Xie2014-11-24
* Start bringing in the from gitshGravatar Mike Burns2014-02-26
* Add a release targetGravatar Mike Burns2013-08-01
* Document Debian installation instructionsGravatar Mike Burns2013-08-01
* Document how to generate the gh-pagesGravatar Mike Burns2013-07-30
* Able to generate deb packagesGravatar Mike Burns2013-07-27
* Re-write using GNU autoconf and automakeGravatar Mike Burns2013-07-27