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* Merge pull request #963 from yuriks/gpu-fixesGravatar bunnei2015-07-29
* \ Merge pull request #992 from yuriks/hot-path-debugGravatar bunnei2015-07-26
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* | | Videocore: Simplify variables in vertex shader interpreterGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-26
* | | Videocore: Replace std::stack in shader interpreter with static_vectorGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-26
| * | VideoCore: #ifdef out some debugging routinesGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-26
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| * VideoCore: Saturate vertex colors before interpolatingGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-23
* Merge pull request #929 from neobrain/geoshader_definitionsGravatar Tony Wasserka2015-07-21
* | Pica: Fix DP3 instruction, which wasn't assigning to the w componentGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-19
| * Pica/Shader: Add geometry shader definitions.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2015-07-15
* vertex_shader: Use address offset on src2 in inverted mode.Gravatar bunnei2015-05-31
* vertex_shader: Implement SLT/SLTI instructions.Gravatar bunnei2015-05-31
* vertex_shader: Implement MIN instruction.Gravatar bunnei2015-05-31
* Remove every trailing whitespace from the project (but externals).Gravatar Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2015-05-29
* Pica: Create 'State' structure and move state memory there.Gravatar bunnei2015-05-22
* Memmap: Re-organize memory function in two filesGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-15
* GPU: Add more fine grained profiling for vertex shader and rasterizationGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-12
* vertex_shader: Implement FLR instruction.Gravatar bunnei2015-05-09
* vertex_shader: Implement MADI instruction.Gravatar bunnei2015-05-09
* GPU: Implemented default vertex shader attributes.Gravatar Subv2015-05-06
* Pica/VertexShader: Fix a bug caused due to incorrect assumptions of consecuti...Gravatar Tony Wasserka2015-03-12
* Update nihstro submodule to the initial release version.Gravatar archshift2015-03-08
* Pica/VertexShader: Fixed LOOP with more than one iteration.Gravatar Subv2015-02-21
* Pica/VertexShader: Implement the LOOP instruction.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2015-02-18
* Build: Fixed some warningsGravatar Subv2015-02-12
* Asserts: break/crash program, fit to style guide; log.h->assert.hGravatar archshift2015-02-10
* Merge pull request #478 from archshift/pp3ports4Gravatar bunnei2015-01-12
* | Pica/VertexShader: Implement JMPC/JMPU/CALLC/CALLU.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2015-01-12
| * Pica/VertexShader: Implement the MAD instruction.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2015-01-12
* Pica/VertexShader: Coding style fixes.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-31
* Pica/CommandProcessor: Add support for integer uniforms.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-31
* Vertex Shader: Zero OutputVertex to avoid denormalsGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-29
* Merge pull request #327 from Apology11/masterGravatar bunnei2014-12-26
* \ Merge pull request #291 from purpasmart96/licenseGravatar bunnei2014-12-21
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| | * Fix visual studio ambiguous symbol errorGravatar Apology112014-12-21
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| * License changeGravatar purpasmart962014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Promote a log message to critical status.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Small optimization.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Be robust against invalid inputs.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Clarify a comment.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Cleanup flow control logic and implement CMP/IFU instructi...Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Run instruction handlers according to the effective opcode.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Implement MAX instructions.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica: Add support for boolean uniforms.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Add support for MOVA, CMP and IFC.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Move code around a bit.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Some cleanups using std::array.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Support negating src2.Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Pica/VertexShader: Remove (now) duplicated shader bytecode definitions in fav...Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* Convert old logging calls to new logging macrosGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-13
* Integrate Boost into build system and perform a trivial cleanup in vertex_sha...Gravatar Tony Wasserka2014-12-07