path: root/src/core/arm/dyncom/arm_dyncom_interpreter.cpp
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* ARM Core, Video Core, CitraQt, Citrace: Use CommonTypes types instead of the ...Gravatar Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2015-08-11
* Merge pull request #1008 from lioncash/pcGravatar bunnei2015-07-30
* | dyncom: Remove an unused variableGravatar Lioncash2015-07-29
| * dyncom: Handle the case where PC is the source register for STR/VSTM/VLDMGravatar Lioncash2015-07-29
* dyncom: Handle left-operand PC correctly for data-processing opsGravatar Lioncash2015-07-28
* dyncom: Use enum class for instruction decoding resultsGravatar Lioncash2015-07-28
* dyncom: Remove code duplication regarding thumb instructionsGravatar Lioncash2015-07-27
* dyncom: Migrate exclusive memory access control into armstateGravatar Lioncash2015-07-27
* dyncom: Remove duplicated typedef and externGravatar Lioncash2015-07-27
* dyncom: Use ARMul_State as an objectGravatar Lioncash2015-07-26
* dyncom: Rename armdefs.h to armstate.hGravatar Lioncash2015-07-25
* dyncom: Get rid of skyeye typedefsGravatar Lioncash2015-07-25
* dyncom: Move helper functions to their own headerGravatar Lioncash2015-07-25
* dyncom: Pass SVC immediates directly.Gravatar Lioncash2015-07-21
* dyncom: Properly retrieve the PC value in BX if used.Gravatar Lioncash2015-07-19
* arm_dyncom_interpreter: Simplify assignment in SMLAWGravatar Lioncash2015-07-16
* Remove every trailing whitespace from the project (but externals).Gravatar Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2015-05-29
* arm_dyncom_interpreter: Remove unused variableGravatar Lioncash2015-05-26
* arm_dyncom_interpreter: Remove unused macroGravatar Lioncash2015-05-24
* dyncom: Remove unused cpu parameter from decode_thumb_instrGravatar Lioncash2015-05-22
* dyncom: remove load_r15 from arm_instGravatar Lioncash2015-05-22
* dyncom: Remove unnecessary parameter for load/store operationsGravatar Lioncash2015-05-22
* dyncom: Eliminate clang warningsGravatar Lioncash2015-05-21
* Merge pull request #774 from lioncash/decodingsGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-15
* \ Merge pull request #770 from lioncash/dyncom_cleanGravatar bunnei2015-05-15
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* | | Memmap: Re-organize memory function in two filesGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-15
| | * dyncom: Add ARMv6K NOP and hint instructions to the decoding tableGravatar Lioncash2015-05-14
| | * dyncom: Handle some MSR variants individuallyGravatar Lioncash2015-05-14
| | * dyncom: Move exclusive load/stores above bbl and swi in the decoding tableGravatar Lioncash2015-05-14
| |/ |/|
| * dyncom: Remove duplicate enums/prototypesGravatar Lioncash2015-05-14
| * dyncom: Remove unnecessary definesGravatar Lioncash2015-05-14
| * dyncom: Make translation-unit functions and variables staticGravatar Lioncash2015-05-14
| * dyncom: Remove unnecessary typedefsGravatar Lioncash2015-05-14
| * dyncom: Remove unused structsGravatar Lioncash2015-05-14
* dyncom: Fix decoding of BKPT's immediateGravatar Lioncash2015-05-13
* dyncom: Stub MCRR and MRRCGravatar Lioncash2015-05-11
* dyncom: Remove an unnecessary variable in the interpreterGravatar Lioncash2015-05-07
* HLE: Clean up SVC dispatch mechanismGravatar Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-06
* Dyncom: Move cream cache to ARMul_State.Gravatar bunnei2015-05-01
* dyncom: Remove unnecessary enum and typedefGravatar Lioncash2015-04-07
* Merge pull request #685 from lioncash/cpregsGravatar bunnei2015-04-06
| * Move CP15 enum definitions into their own enum.Gravatar Lioncash2015-04-06
* | dyncom: Suppress uninitialized variable warningsGravatar Lioncash2015-04-05
* dyncom: Move CP15 register writing into its own function.Gravatar Lioncash2015-04-02
* dyncom: Move CP15 register reading into its own function.Gravatar Lioncash2015-04-02
* dyncom: Migrate InAPrivilegedMode to armsuppGravatar Lioncash2015-03-26
* dyncom: Implement SRSGravatar Lioncash2015-03-24
* dyncom: Implement RFEGravatar Lioncash2015-03-24
* dyncom: Make Load/Store instructions support big endianGravatar Lioncash2015-03-17
* dyncom: Implement SETENDGravatar Lioncash2015-03-14