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* ARM Core, Video Core, CitraQt, Citrace: Use CommonTypes types instead of the ...Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2015-08-11
* arm_disasm: ARMv6 mul/div and abs media instructionsaroulin2015-08-11
* arm_disasm: ARMv6 parallel add/sub media instructionsaroulin2015-08-11
* arm_disasm: ARMv6 reversal media instructionsaroulin2015-08-09
* arm_disasm: ARMv6 saturation media instructionsaroulin2015-08-09
* arm_disasm: ARMv6 packing and sign-extend media instructionsaroulin2015-08-09
* Disassembler: ARMv6K REX instructionsaroulin2015-08-06
* Disassembler: ARMv6K hint instructionsaroulin2015-08-06
* core: Make the ARM disassembler use std::string internallyLioncash2014-09-06
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