path: root/src/citra_qt/debugger/graphics_framebuffer.cpp
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* Print error on unknown framebuffer formatHEADmasterBenjamin Barenblat2015-08-15
* citra-qt: Add depth formats to framebuffer viewing widget.Tony Wasserka2015-07-13
* citra-qt: Properly specify the framebuffer format.Tony Wasserka2015-07-13
* Move video_core/color.h to common/color.harchshift2015-05-30
* Pica: Create 'State' structure and move state memory there.bunnei2015-05-22
* Memmap: Re-organize memory function in two filesYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-15
* Memory: Add GetPhysicalPointer helper functionYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-09
* Memory: Support more regions in the VAddr-PAddr translation functionsYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-09
* GPU: Added the stencil test structure to the Pica Regs struct.Subv2015-03-09
* Frontend/Qt: Allow the framebuffer widget to inspect the depth bufferSubv2015-03-09
* GPU: Added RGB565/RGB8 framebuffer support and various cleanups.bunnei2015-03-03
* GPU: Implemented bits 3 and 1 from the display transfer flags.Subv2015-02-26
* Pica/DebugUtils: Factor out BreakPointObserverDock into its own file.Tony Wasserka2015-02-11
* Silence a few warnings.Rohit Nirmal2015-01-30
* citra-qt: Add explicit casts to prevent some warnings.Subv2015-01-10
* citra-qt: Fixed some Qt errors on initializationSubv2015-01-10
* citra-qt: Renamed all .hxx headers to .hchrisvj2015-01-06
* Merge pull request #272 from rohit-n/sign-comparebunnei2015-01-05
| * Silence some -Wsign-compare warnings.Rohit Nirmal2015-01-01
* | Pica: Cleanup color conversion.Tony Wasserka2014-12-31
* | citra-qt: Fix displaying RGBA5551 framebuffers.Tony Wasserka2014-12-31
* | citra-qt: Always show pica framebuffers as RGBA8.Tony Wasserka2014-12-31
* Merge pull request #291 from purpasmart96/licensebunnei2014-12-21
| * License changepurpasmart962014-12-20
* | Pica: Unify ugly address translation hacks.Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | citra-qt: Fix invalid memory read upon program startup.Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Clean up some warningsChin2014-12-20
* Some code cleanup.Tony Wasserka2014-12-09
* citra-qt: Add pica framebuffer widget.Tony Wasserka2014-12-09