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* Update nihstro to latest masterYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-26
* getopt: Fix macro redefinition warningYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-13
* getopt: Fix compilation settingsYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-13
* Implement new argument parsing using getopt and add the corresponding library...Greg Wicks2015-07-12
* Update bundled GLFW to 3.1.1Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-25
* vertex_shader: Implement MADI instruction.bunnei2015-05-09
* Update nihstro submodule to the initial release version.archshift2015-03-08
* Update ext-boost commit again which got reverted by #500Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-02-12
* Asserts: break/crash program, fit to style guide; log.h->assert.harchshift2015-02-10
* Update boost externalYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-02-02
* Pica/VertexShader: Implement JMPC/JMPU/CALLC/CALLU.Tony Wasserka2015-01-12
* Kernel: Start using boost::intrusive_ptr for lifetime managementYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-01-09
* Clipper: Avoid dynamic allocationsYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-29
* Add nihstro (a 3DS shader tools suite) as a submodule.Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* externals: Add boost submodule.Tony Wasserka2014-12-07
* Added configuration file system.archshift2014-10-07
* CMake cleanupYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-09-01
* Update GLFW to 3.0.4 and include x64 lib for MSVCYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-09-01
* Replace GLEW with a glLoadGen loader.Yuri Kunde Schlesner2014-09-01
* Remove documentation for external modules.Yuri Kunde Schlesner2014-08-23
* Add Qt5 option. Use Qt5 by default.Sacha2014-08-19
* CMake CleanupSacha2014-08-18
* Indent fixesarchshift2014-05-19
* Added FindGLEW to cmake-modulesarchshift2014-05-16
* fixes to scm_rev generation to make it conistent with windows buildbunnei2014-04-23
* added scm rev generation on Linux/cmakebunnei2014-04-23
* adding initial project layoutShizZy2013-08-29