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* Enable linker optimizations in MSVC Release buildsYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-28
* Fix permissions in pre-commit hookJSFernandes2015-07-14
* Implement new argument parsing using getopt and add the corresponding library...Greg Wicks2015-07-12
* CMake: Fix Debug build configuration in MSVCYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-09
* Merge pull request #839 from Lectem/whitespacepolicyYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-06-21
| * force no-tab/trailing spaces with git hookLectem2015-06-09
* | Remove every trailing whitespace from the project (but externals).Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2015-05-29
* | Update bundled GLFW to 3.1.1Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-25
* Merge pull request #675 from jroweboy/windows-build-fixesYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-14
* | Install a .desktop file to make citra-qt launchable from DE menus.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot2015-05-13
* | Common: Remove many unnecessary cross-platform compatibility macrosYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-05-06
| * Updated the copy commands to run on post_build and use generator expressions ...James Rowe2015-03-26
| * Changes to bring the previous commits in line with the comments on thepull re...James Rowe2015-03-26
| * More changes to the CMakeFiles for better MSVC compatibility. Added in the Re...James Rowe2015-03-26
| * Small changes to the CMake file to make windows build easierJames Rowe2015-03-26
* Merge pull request #483 from yuriks/cmake-fixbunnei2015-02-03
| * CMake: Inform the user when architecture auto-detection failsYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-01-19
| * CMake: Fix wrong filename in messageYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-01-13
* | Fix building on MinGWdarkf2015-01-11
* CMake: Consistently set _DEBUG and NDEBUG in all platformsYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-01-10
* Fix Windows buildbunnei2015-01-10
* Merge pull request #342 from uppfinnarn/masterbunnei2015-01-10
* | Cleanup: Remove redundant /Oi flagchinhodado2015-01-09
| * Looks like that might be needed on OSX after allJohannes Ekberg2015-01-09
| * Use -pthread where and only where neededJohannes Ekberg2015-01-09
| * Link Cocoa, IOKit and CoreVideo on OSXJohannes Ekberg2015-01-09
| * Generic PLATFORM_LIBRARIES varJohannes Ekberg2015-01-09
* | CMake: Enable VS parallel builds for a good reduction in compile timesYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-01-09
* CMake: Require Boost 1.57.0 (fixes Travis OS X)Yuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-29
* Merge pull request #275 from yuriks/cmake-cleanbunnei2014-12-22
* | CMake: Silence PNG not found errorYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-21
* | CMake: Use improved optimization flags on MSVCYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-21
* | Add nihstro (a 3DS shader tools suite) as a submodule.Tony Wasserka2014-12-20
* | Remove C++14/1y requirementYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-20
* | Switch to C++14 to use std::make_uniqueYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-16
| * Clean up CMake library specificationYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-15
* Integrate Boost into build system and perform a trivial cleanup in vertex_sha...Tony Wasserka2014-12-07
* CMake: Place all the built files in BUILD_DIR/bin/<Configuration> when compil...Subv2014-12-01
* Added configuration file system.archshift2014-10-07
* Removed the need for X11 on OS Xarchshift2014-09-02
* CMake cleanupYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-09-01
* Replace GLEW with a glLoadGen loader.Yuri Kunde Schlesner2014-09-01
* Pica: Add support for dumping textures.Tony Wasserka2014-08-25
* Add Qt5 option. Use Qt5 by default.Sacha2014-08-19
* CMake CleanupSacha2014-08-18
* * Remove -fpermissivePhillip Stephens2014-05-19
* CMakeLists: Fixed GLEW include var name, compile flag varsarchshift2014-05-19
* CMakeLists: rename HEADS, improved commentsarchshift2014-05-19
* Indent fixesarchshift2014-05-19
* Indent fixesarchshift2014-05-17