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* Update homebrew before building, which no longer uses SourceForgearchshift2015-07-16
* Travis: Update GLFW on Linux to 3.1.1Yuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-10
* Travis: Remove use of sudo to enable use container-based buildsYuri Kunde Schlesner2015-07-10
* Use xcpretty for xcodebuild on Travischinhodado2015-06-01
* CI: upload builds to builds.citra-emu.org instead of MEGAarchshift2015-03-16
* Revert "Travis: Enable caching of dependencies"chinhodado2015-01-10
* Merge pull request #275 from yuriks/cmake-cleanbunnei2014-12-22
* | Travis: Try to cache downloaded files to work around sf.net suckingYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-20
* | Travis: Use gcc 4.9 instead of 4.8 since it's getting installed anywayYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-15
* | Travis: Enable tracing on the script to ease troubleshootingYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-15
| * Build GLFW as a shared lib on TravisYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-12-15
* CMake cleanupYuri Kunde Schlesner2014-09-01
* Replace GLEW with a glLoadGen loader.Yuri Kunde Schlesner2014-09-01
* Add Qt5 option. Use Qt5 by default.Sacha2014-08-19
* Travis: Added OSX, use default compilers, moved cmds into own scriptsarchshift2014-06-17