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* Correct typoHEADmasterGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-03-13
* Wrap at 80 characters, not 79Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-03-13
* Remove first lines containing file namesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2015-03-13
| | | | They’re incompatible with the Google style guide, so get rid of them.
* Makefile: Don’t warn about C++98 compatibility issuesGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2014-12-21
| | | | | | The whole point of using C++11 is to get features that aren’t in C++98, so having Clang warn about compatibility problems with C++98 is really silly.
* Makefile: Actually use -std=c++11Gravatar Benjamin Barenblat2014-12-21
* C++ skeleton: Initial commitGravatar Benjamin Barenblat2014-12-21