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* Use non-suid permissions when logind is usedChristian Kellner2020-02-02
* Version bump to 0.5Mykyta Holubakha2020-02-02
* Build fixupMykyta Holubakha2020-02-02
* Use non-suid permissions when logind is usedChristian Kellner2020-01-26
* Support the new `SetBrightness` logind APIAntoine Damhet2019-09-19
* Version bump to 0.4Mykyta Holubakha2018-09-04
* Install udev rules by defaultMykyta Holubakha2018-07-13
* Improved manpageMykyta Holubakha2018-01-24
* Add brightnessctl(1) manpageNicolas Braud-Santoni2018-01-24
* Release 0.3.1Mykyta Holubakha2018-01-19
* Specify -lm after the main executable symbolHummer120072017-10-23
* Use BINDIR in Makefile install ruleMiciah Masters2017-09-23
* Fix file mode for installing non-suid binaryMiciah Masters2017-09-23
* Version bump to 0.3Mykyta Holubakha2017-09-22
* Fix rounding errors when using percentagesMarkus Schneider2017-08-26
* Make it more portableMykyta Holubakha2017-06-11
* Version bumpMykyta Holubakha2017-01-17
* Updated makefileMykyta Holubakha2017-01-15
* Respect CFLAGS and sort it for easier readFabio Alessandro Locati2016-11-27
* Updated makefileMykyta Holubakha2016-07-20
* Added LICENSE, renamed PREFIX to DESTDIRMykyta Holubakha2016-07-20
* Version bumpMykyta Holubakha2016-07-20
* fix warnings, segfaultMykyta Holubakha2016-06-22
* Addeed support for save/restore functionalityMykyta Holubakha2016-04-07
* Initial commitMykyta Holubakha2016-03-28